2018-2019 Training Archive

JANUARY 2019 – “My Leadership Journey…”
The Leader of the 2018 LJ Library of the Year. The 2017 LJ Librarian of the Year. Current and past PLA and CLA Presidents. Leading educators/influencers from California’s library schools. Numerous LJ Movers and Shakers. Directors of IMLS National Medal-winning libraries. Member of the California Library Services Board. Emerging young library leaders. Come and hear a diverse group of library leaders talk about their leadership journey. Where they came from and how they got to where they are now. How they define “leadership”. Successes. Failures. What keeps them up at night. How they deal with politics on the job. How they have used mentors. And whatever you might want to ask them. No Power Points, just straight talk from some of the people who influence the California library community.

South edition – Pasadena Public Library, January 17, 2019
– Misty Jones, Library Director, San Diego Public Library
– John Szabo, City Librarian, Los Angeles Public Library
– Sarah Roberts, Assistant Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Science
– Paymaneh Maghsoudi, Director of Library Services, Whittier Public Library
– Genesis Hansen, Director of Library and Cultural Services, Mission Viejo Library
– Dedria Tillett, Library Assistant, Riverside City Public Library
– Michelle Perera, Director of Libraries and Information Services, Pasadena Public Library & CLA President

North edition – Campbell, SCCL HQ, January 18, 2019
– Jill Bourne, City Librarian, San Jose Public Library
– Michael Lambert, Acting City Librarian, San Francisco Public Library
– Sandy Hirsh, Dean, San Jose State University iSchool
– Chris Brown, Deputy Director, Santa Clara County Library District
– Robyn McCreight, Supervising Librarian, Santa Clara County Library District
– Monique LeConge Ziesenhenne, Director of Libraries and Community Services, City of Palo Alto & PLA President

Programs moderated by Robert Karatsu, DLCL Project Manager.
These programs will be offered once in north and once in the south and open to all.

FEBRUARY 2019 – “Skill Building for Library Leaders” Skill Building for Library Leaders Flyer
February 19th – 9am – 4pm, Buena Vista Branch, Burbank Public Library
February 20th – 9am – 4pm, Fremont Branch, Alameda County Library

Cheryl Gould, Learning Facilitator Fully Engaged Libraries.
Leaders have always required both competence and vision. The best leaders exhibit high emotional intelligence, build trust through great communication, and are flexible enough to change their leadership style to get their desired outcome. In this workshop attendees will learn and practice in the following areas:
– Emotional intelligence and how to build it
– Six leadership styles to use to motivate your teams
– Current brain science that makes communication challenging
– Practice the skills that result in communication that builds trust, builds teams and fosters engagement.

This workshop will be practical, challenging and fun so come prepared to participate as you learn about yourself and others as part of your leadership journey.

Because of interactive nature, this session (offered in both north and south) will be limited to the DLCL cohort and approximated 15 other attendees.

MARCH 2019 – “The Color of Leadership” Color of Leadership Flyer
March 1st – 9am – 4pm, Pasadena Public Library, Central Library
March 20th – 9am – 4pm, Fremont Branch, Alameda County Library

Luis Herrera, City Librarian (Retired), San Francisco Public Library, Dr. Camila Alire, Dean Emerita, University of New Mexico (and past ALA President), Patty Wong, Director, Santa Monica Public Library and Chantel Walker, Assistant Director, Marin County Free Library.

Are you preparing for the future? Do you want to prepare to lead change in libraries and/or in our profession? This program, initially offered as a pre-conference at the Joint Librarians of Color Conference has been expanded specifically for CLA and the DLCL program, is designed for library colleagues who are not only curious about how to prepare for an impactful career path but who are also ready to enhance leadership development skills. Topics covered range from understanding mindful leadership, developing best practices in leading change, team building, inclusive human resource practices, decision-making, risk-taking–building networks/social capital, mentoring, personal advocacy, and much more. Develop your career competitive edge at his preconference with four iconic, nationally-recognized library leaders.

This program is free but to ensure a quality learning experience, registration will be limited to 60 participants maximum at each location.

APRIL 2019 – “More Skill Building for Library Leaders” More Skill Building for Library Leaders Flyer
April 19th – 9am – 4pm, Sacramento Public Library, Southgate Branch
April 22nd – 9am – 4pm, Ovitt Family Community Library, Ontario

Cheryl Gould, Fully Engaged Libraries
Build Your Personal Change Resilience and Learn to Facilitate Change
They say that change is coming at us faster then ever before.  We know that our bodies and brains weren’t designed to handle it.  In this workshop you will build personal change resilience as well as learn how to plan and facilitate change to make it easier for your staff.  In this workshop attendees will learn and practice in the following areas:

  • Understand the brain and bodies response to change
  • Differentiate between acute, chronic and positive stress
  • Understand how a growth mindset can reduce stress
  • Learn and practice 8 change resilience techniques
  • Learn to plan and lead change

A deeper understanding of what makes change difficult for individuals will allow you to not only reduce your stress level but to plan processes that allow your staff to more easily accept the many organizational changes yet to come.

Because of the interactive nature, this session (offered in both north and south) will be limited to the DLCL cohort and approximately 15 other attendees.

MAY & JUNE 2019 – “The Impostor Syndrome / Leading from the Middle”
Imposter Syndrome / Leading from the Middle Flyer

Presentation Resources:

May 31st – 9am – 4pm, Fallbrook Branch, San Diego County Library
June 4th – 9am – 4pm, Hayward 21st Century Library and Community Learning Center

Jayanti Addleman, Hayward Public Library, Bill Sannwald, San Diego County Library
Courtney Saldana, Ontario City Library, Kelly Tyler, LAPL, Jill Harris, San Rafael Public Library, Jen Robinson, Marin County Public Library, and Erwin Magbanua, Chula Vista Public Library.

Really, the titles of the programs pretty much says it all. (Here is full description) These were two popular programs from the conference and content will be expanded out to two and a half hours each specifically for the DLCL Project.

(Program in Hayward will also include an optional tour of the new state-of-the-art Hayward Library.)

This program will be offered in both north and south and will be open to all.

Online registration is closed for both Fallbrook and Hayward programs as of 5/24/19. Email jrobbins@cla-net.org with questions.