2019-2020 Training Archive

Confessions of a New Library Leader…
10/25/2019 | 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM
Presenter(s): Robert Karatsu – Project Manager, California Library Association; Kayla Marie Figard – Senior Librarian, San Mateo County Library; Dedria M. Tillett – Library Assistant, Riverside Public Library

So why would anyone want to get into a leadership role? Come join a panel of young professionals from the Developing Leaders in California Libraries program who have decided to take the dive into leadership. They will talk about “the why”, their challenges, supervising people older than you, supervising people older than you who resist change, some mistakes they made (and what you learned from it), things they learned the hard way, advice they have for other aspiring young leaders, and their greatest success story (and why they want to continue to lead!)

My Leadership Journey – O.G. Edition…
10/25/2019 | 4:00 PM – 4:50 PM
Presenter(s): Luis Herrera – Retired City Librarian, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco Public Library; Robert Karatsu – Project Manager, California Library Association

Luis Herrera has done it all in the profession, for the profession. Retired director of the San Francisco Public Library, Library Journal’s 2018 “Library of the Year”. 2012 Librarian of the Year. Past CLA and PLA President. Appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the Board of the Institute of Museum and Library Services. A champion and advocate for equity and diversity in the profession. And simply a nationally recognized leader in the library world. Join him in conversation with Robert Karatsu as Luis talks about his leadership journey. Where he came from and how he got to where he is today. His leadership philosophy. Advice for the next generation of library leaders. His “crucible moments”. (And even what
his “walk up” music is and three people he would invite to a dinner party and what he is cooking for them!) Come listen and learn from the best.

The Cult of Eureka!
10/25/2019 | 9:00 PM – 9:50 PM
Presenter(s): Robert Karatsu – Project Manager, California Library Association; Genesis Hansen – Director of Library & Cultural Services, City of Mission Viejo; Erik Berman – Coordinator of Services to Young Adults, Alameda County Library; Vanessa Christman – Assistant Director, Riverside Public Library

Even after almost 5 years since it had its last cohort, the Eureka! Leadership Institute remains the standard for leadership development in California. So what made Eureka so successful? What elements of it could be replicated today? What didn’t work about Eureka? Panelists (both former Eureka participants and nonparticipants as well as one *very special* guest) will give their opinions about the Eureka Leadership Institute, and moving forward, what the State can learn moving forward as it continues to develop a new leadership development program.