The Challenge!

The Challenge 2021 

“The Leadership Challenge” is a program that bring together librarians from all over the State to develop solutions to the issues important to their communities and help empower the residents of the most diverse state in the country. Leadership Challenge teams of six library employees from across California spen6 months working together virtually to research an issue and potential solutions, identify existing or model programs, and develop a toolkit, white paper, or other report that can be used to drive future action. For examples of the 2018 challenge, where groups worked on topics such as the 2020 census, new service models, early childhood services, and diversity in the profession.

A BIG welcome to the 2021 Leadership Challenge participants and the challenges they have taken on!

 Group 1:  How do libraries position themselves as key providers in information literacy in the new media age?

Albert Garcia – Contra Costa County Library
Jennifer Black – San Marcos Unified School District
Camille Hyatt – Moreno Valley Public Library (LS&S)
Alison de Geus – Palo Alto City Library
Alexandra Guillen – Roseville Public Library

Group 2:  Ready Access: Reentry Services for Decarcerated Populations

Gregory Mason – County of San Diego Library
Akiliah Manuel Mills – Riverside County Library System
Jenny Rogers – Alameda County Library
Lara Mayelian – Sonoma County Library

Group 3:  Learning from the Pandemic: Using a Trauma-informed Approach in Post-Pandemic Programing

Bryan Duran – San Francisco Public Library
Shamika Simpson – Long Beach City College Library
Brittany Garcia – Rancho Cucamonga Public Library
Ashleigh Torres – El Dorado County Library
Sasha Kinney – Sacramento Public Library

Group 4:  California Librarians Small Business Toolkit

Michael Whitely – Alhambra Civic Center Library
Stewart Shaw – Berkeley Public Library
Fernanda Nunez – Downey City Library
Tiffany Bradford-Oldham – San Jose Public Library
Charlie “Nikki”  Hyatt – Solano County Library
Melisa Mendoza – South San Francisco PL

Group 5: Bridging the Digital Divide Post Covid

Ray Pun – Alder Graduate School of Education
Kendra Johnson – Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library
Karina Huerta – Sunnyvale Public Library
Jennifer Hooker – Santa Cruz Public Libraries
Zoraida Martinez – City of Santa Clarita Public Library

Group 6: Becoming Inclusive Community Hubs: Internal EDI Work for Public Libraries

Alexandra Bimbach – Contra Costa County Library
Haley Zamora – San Diego County Library
Hannah Giles – Tulare County Free Library
Lorena Romero – Santa Clara Public Library


Visit the link below for examples of the outstanding work that the groups from the 2018-19 Leadership Challenge did:

Click here for 2018 – 2019 Leadership Challenge! Archive

Topics covered include:

  • Census 2020
  • Diversity in the Profession
  • Early Childhood Education
  • New Service Models

For questions about the DLCL Program, please contact:

Christine Bolivar
Project Coordinator